About us

Founded in 2006, the Chez Bec Bridal Jewellery Studio has long been established as one of the leading UK bridal jewellery and accessories brand.

In 2017, the business was acquired by Tanya Lyall, owner of TLK Jewellery.  Already a dab hand with the most complicated stone settings (if you've not sorted out your wedding rings, you should definitely get in touch), the purchase of Chez Bec married (pun intended) together two successful and customer led businesses under one roof.

A bit about Tanya...

Tanya started making and selling jewellery when she was 13.  As a birthday present her mum took her to The Bead Shop in London (where many a young girl has fallen down the rabbit warren of bead appreciation); after a five minute demo she was off.

Fast forward a few years, and she is now jeweller at the Stables, Hylands House, near Chelmsford in Essex. She loves a bit of glitz and glamour (handy given her occupation) and was born in South Africa.

One of her favourite places in the world is Southwold in Suffolk, and whilst she loves an adventure, family and home is very much where her heart is. Well, family, home and chocolate. And Apple (her patronage for which should see her awarded with shares in the company).

But what she loves everyday is her job. The variety; the brides, and the warm fuzzy feeling that she gets knowing that her creations make up part of your special day.

It's always good to know who is responsible for the creation of your sparkles, as all of Chez Bec's designs have always (and still are) been lovingly made by hand (Tanya's hands in fact).